FREE Deliveries For All Veterans!

Here at We Deliver, we do not take lightly the daily opportunities afforded to us because of the sacrifices of so many brave women and men in our military. We salute and thank each and every one of you!! 

As a Thank You to the members of our military, We Deliver will be offering FREE Restaurant Deliveries to all current and former service members on Veteran’s Day – this Saturday, November 11th!

Please take the time this Saturday and every day for that matter, to thank a service member. Their sacrifices enable us as Americans to live our lives under a blanket of protection and freedom and it should never be taken for granted. So, Happy Veteran’s Day to all current and former service members. Hopefully, we’ll have the honor of delivering your lunch or dinner this Saturday! 😀  


We Deliver’s Winter Hours

On Monday, November 6th our Winter Hours will begin – they are as follows:

Monday-Saturday 10 am – 9 pm

In addition, we are always accepting appointments! This includes deliveries needed outside our business hours.

The extra hour in the morning will give us that time we desperately need to finish our grocery orders. We’ve recently seen a big spike in those interested in our Grocery Service so this will allow us to stay on top of those orders 😀 

We’re working on some big things for 2018!! Stay tuned to our Facebook page throughout the winter as we unveil some exciting new changes and hopefully some new territories 😀

We hope to see you soon!!



New Food Delivery Rates: Effective October 1st

Our goal here at We Deliver is to continually improve the quality of our services. This means hiring the most talented people we can find to produce the best possible experience for our customers as well as continuing to upgrade our dispatching software to keep us on top of the newest delivery trends. 

To help us remain competitive, effective October 1st, the rates for Food Delivery will be changing. Though it’s just a modest change, we strive to be transparent so that our valued customers always know what their delivery charge will be.

Our main concern was keeping our popular $5 rate, especially for individuals ordering for themselves………and we believe we’ve done just that!

The new rates for Food Delivery are as follows:

FAST FOOD: $5 delivery fee + $1 for every $10 spent on the food order. Fast food orders under $10 are still ONLY $5!! 

  • Fast food orders include anywhere we place the order including: Subway, Panera and Fazzoli’s.

RESTAURANT FOOD: $5 delivery fee + $1 for every $20 spent on the food order. If the order exceeds $100, the fee will be 10% of the food total. Restaurant orders under $20 are still ONLY $5!!

We want to continue to grow and offer the service you’ve come to expect of us and this small rate change will be key in allowing us to do that. Thank you so much for your patronage and support! We’ll be seeing you soon 😀



September Specials!!!

Can you believe it’s September already?? Time flies when you’re having fun and we’re having all kinds of fun here at We Deliver and that is going to continue in September 😀

For the foreseeable future, we will be running a special every Thursday called “Three Dollar Thursdays”. We will choose a different restaurant each Thursday and the delivery fee for that restaurant will only be $3! We’ll make an announcement on Facebook each Thursday morning at 9 am as to which restaurant it will be so make sure to stop by every Thursday to find out!!

We would also like to welcome our newest Delivery Driver – Patrick Kennedy to the team here at We Deliver! He is working full-time and will greatly help our availability to serve you.

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to the Riverbend community! After a record month in July, we followed that up with a record August as well!! We are getting busier and busier by the day and don’t expect that trend to stop.

Our success is because of YOU so again thank you for all of your support; it really means a lot to us 😀

More FREE Deliveries in August!!

Our July anniversary celebration was such a fun time for us here at We Deliver! We hope you were able to enjoy the FREE delivery days from your favorite restaurants. It was an incredibly successful promotion all the way around- from increased sales for both us and the restaurants, to meeting hundreds if not thousands of new people!

The FREE delivery promotion was such a big hit that we wanted to find a way to do it again in August……….but with a twist 🙂

So, here’s what we’re going to do…. We will be running various contests throughout the month with the winner of each contest getting the chance to choose which restaurant will be getting FREE deliveries by us! 

So please, be sure to check in with We Deliver on Facebook each day in August to see what contest is running and how you can participate. Let’s have some more fun this month with another round of FREE deliveries!!

Hope to see you soon 😀